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What brand of fish feed pellet machine is good?


Fish feed pellet machine of pellet feed feeding fish benefits, feed pellet machine is a common machine in the breeding industry, the production of feed pellets to save space, nutrition free with the benefits of fish feed pellet machine pellet feed feeding fish.

1, comprehensive nutrition, the maximum to meet the rapid and healthy growth of fish, shorten the breeding cycle, neat specifications out of the pond.

2, less pollution to water quality, improve the water body fish carrying capacity.

3、Less nutrient dissipation, improve feed utilization, and reduce bait coefficient.

4、The drug can be added directly to the feed to improve the effect of fish disease control and reduce the pollution of the water body by splashing the drug in the whole pool.

5, mechanized feeding with baiting machine, easy to observe the growth of fish, fish disease dynamics, etc., at any time to adjust the amount of feeding, the implementation of scientific management.

Fish feed machine producer
Fish feed machine producer

China Lima fish feed pellet machine is a good choice, the plant feed pellet machine is direct sales of manufacturers, eliminating the version of the right between the business, the producer directly with the user to meet, simplify the circulation process, shorten the circulation time to achieve the real manufacturers’ preferential prices.

Fish feed machine manufacturer
Fish feed machine manufacturer

Lima fish feed pellet machine in 150 type feed machine adopts lighting electricity as the power, under the extrusion of the pressure roller from the die hole to make pellets, can easily adjust the particle length, in the processing of pellet feed can add a variety of addictive drugs, processing pellet surface smooth, moderate hardness, internal maturation degree deep penetration. Dry in and dry out, easy to seal storage, natural raw temperature to 70-80 degrees can kill can cause disease microorganisms and parasites, and to ensure the quality of feed, can be used for raising rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, aquatic products, etc… It is very suitable for small farmers who lack three-phase electricity.

Fish feed machine
Fish feed machine
Lima fish feed machine is a professional manufacturer and service supplier of fish feed extruder machine,floating fish food pellet production lines.
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